It all starts with a narrative

“The client’s private story”

Whether it is the engraving of the owner’s name on the back of the case, a tailor-made dial inspired by the client’s passion or a ground-breaking mechanical masterpiece specifically designed for a grand complications enthusiast, all requests are meticulously examined.

Hysek’s master watchmakers, engineers and designers strive to turn the wildest dreams into technical reality.



« Oil Exploration project »

Three-dimensional oil exploration scene integrated directly within the skeleton tourbillon movement.

All the components have been made in-house. Finishing are a collaboration between Hysek’s team and the craftmen’s expertise
Back is in lapis lazuli, with a personalized decoration.



Added to Hysek’s Know-how, we work with a network of exceptional craftsmen, guillocheurs, enamellers, engravers and gem-setters devotes their artistic skills to magnifying those timepieces.

“Dream-up your watch and we will be pleased to turn it on reality”



IO – Skeleton Central Tourbillon

Exceptional timepieces

“Hysek’s foundational principles are creativity and technical prowess. Each new timepiece is not simply the modification of an existing model but completely designed from the scratch”.

Colossal Master piece

Exclusive creation by HYSEK