HW63 Jumping Hours

HW63 Jumping Hours


- Hysek Calibre HW63
- Automatic Mechanical
- Jumping Hours at 12 o’clock
- Orbitale Minutes & Seconds
- 265 components
- 65 jewels
- Autonomy 50h
- Frequency 28’800 VpH

The hours are displayed in a window at 12 o’clock, while the minutes and seconds appear on an orbital display. This orbital module includes a central hand that points inwards to the minute display: this takes the form of two semi-circles showing minutes 05 to 25 and 35 to 55

For this caliber, the minutes display is not powered from the centre: instead, it rotates around the inner edge of the bezel in a module mounted on an external arc, linked to a gear arrangement concealed beneath the bezel. This puts the module in orbit around the outside of the dial, guided by the gear system.

Within the module itself, a broad openwork hand marks out the minutes by pointing towards two central arcs featuring graduations from 05 to 25 and from 35 to 55. True Hysek connoisseurs will spot that the arcs are fixed to the dial at the 1, 5, 7, and 11 positions on the hour track – a nod to one of the firm’s signature touches.

The seconds module is embedded within the minutes module, which thus form a single unit. They rotate around the dial together. The seconds are shown by a hand located beneath the minutes hand. This sweeps over another semi-circular section featuring engraved markers. From a technical point of view, the seconds satellite is geared to the revolutions of the minutes satellite, multiplying them to indicate the seconds.

The piece also features 24 jumping hours at twelve o’clock – another Hysek speciality. 

Hysek is one of the last remaining fully-independent manufactures, and as such enjoys complete stylistic and technical Freedom. It is indeed an authentic watchmaking ‘creation’, featuring an unprecedented dual orbital display for both minutes and seconds.