Hysek Timepieces combine highly complicated mechanical movements with the noblest materials. Improper use or servicing may damage the beauty of a timepiece as well as the mechanism resulting in costly and extensive repairs.

Learn more about the value of several simple gestures, which can help maintain your watch.



Clean your water-resistant watch regularly with a damp cloth.
For water-resistant watches with a metal bracelet, use a soft brush and slightly soapy water for the bracelet and a damp cloth for the watch head. Then rinse the bracelet under warm running water (after swimming in the sea or after cleaning it with soap). Dry your watch with a soft cloth.



To ensure the continuous operation of your self-winding watch, it must be worn every day. If not, we recommend winding your watch regularly.



We recommend not to leave a powerless battery inside a quartz watch, as it might leak and cause serious damages to the movement. 



Your leather strap is a natural hand-crafted product. Under normal conditions of use, it will last an average of 6 to 12 months. However, contact with water may cause premature wear of the strap. A rubber strap will last an average of 18 months under normal conditions of use.
To provide maximum protection for your leather, we recommend you note the following points:
-Contact with water or exposure to high humidity can affect the material and cause discolouration.
-Extended exposure to direct sunlight can impair the colour and quality of the leather.
-Cosmetics or oily products can stain the leather, as it is a permeable product.



In everyday life, we increasingly come into contact with magnetic fields. They can affect the correct operation of your watch. While they will not actually damage your watch, they can nonetheless lessen its precision or even cause it to stop.
We therefore recommend you avoid placing your watch near any object that gives off a magnetic field, such as magnets, magnetic clasps on handbags, TVs or speakers.



With the exception of a few specific models, Hysek watches are designed and crafted to guarantee water resistance to at least 30 metres.
However it is advised to regularly perform a water resistance check, particularly when the watch during sports or when it comes into frequent contact with water.



Your watch may be seriously damaged by impacts.
When you lift or carry heavy objects, make sure they are not pressing against your watch as they could scratch or damage it.
To reduce the risk of scratches, avoid wearing a watch and piece of jewellery on the same wrist.
Avoid wearing your watch during high-risk activities, such as extreme sports, as they are also liable to damage it.
Extreme temperatures should be avoided, as they can cause the lubricants of the movement to dry out.