Black soft touch & rose gold finishing

Black soft touch & rose gold finishing

Black PVD, Plated rose gold
L 141mm, H 10mm
CHF 570.00
Manufacture Hysek’s history is deeply rooted in the development of writing instruments, as a
reflection of its strong creativity and designer know-how.
The creation and development of pens were obvious complementary accessories to produce
along with timepieces, as pens represent the first accessory used by designers to give shape to
their ideas and inspiration; the very first “tool” meant to bring life and matter to art creators’ projects.
But not only so! The quick note to a colleague, the longer and more personal communication to
a friend or loved one, the trace of a sudden idea or recall - those are all stories, significations and
feelings held by a fine piece of artwork, as such pens can be.

The Manufacture has created and developed several pens collections with very recognizable

ergonomic design, grip, colour and texture codes, fully completing Hysek’s timepieces offer.

Manufacture Hysek wish you to experience its writing instruments and appreciate the balance and

heft they will give to your writing!